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Self-compassion skills

Many people are good at being caring and supportive of others – family members, friends, neighbours.

But some of those people feel that they can't have the same level of acceptance and compassion towards themselves.

There could be a very strong internal critical voice that is often pointing only to negative aspects of oneself.

The research shows that critical and negative self-talk is often associated with anxiety and mood disorders, as well as low self-esteem and eating disorders.

To develop a more balanced mindset, you can try some mindfulness-based techniques, including a self-compassion deck of cards.

The practice of self-compassion has been proved to:

- improve emotional wellbeing;

- learn how to better recognize and regulate emotions and body sensations;

- reduce the level of negative self-talk, criticism, and the symptoms of low mood or anxiety.

This kind of self-help tool could also be a good addition to individual or couple counselling.

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