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"Good enough parents". How to improve parenting skills and gain more confidence?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

"Good enough parents". How to improve parenting skills and gain more confidence?" is a free webinar by Olga Shchedrinskaya MCP, RCC, CCC

The absolute majority of parents hope to provide their children with the best possible childhood experience. Parents want their children to be successful, healthy and happy. Many parents work hard to develop parenting strategies and fulfill the needs of their children. They often hope to avoid the mistakes of their own parents - traumatic experiences they faced in their families of origin. Unfortunately, only very few parents feel that they are doing a good enough job as caregivers. There are hundreds if not thousands of good books on parenting, but many parents still lack confidence, skills and knowledge in this significant area of life. If you are still exploring and developing your own pathways in relationships with your kids, you are welcome to join our webinar. During this webinar, we will: - Share critical concepts of healthy relationship-building grounded in modern Attachment Theory and Family Systems Theory - Explore the "good enough parenting" approach and strategies for setting clear and predictable boundaries- Discuss some helpful tips for improving parent-child relationships We hope you will feel more confident in daily interactions with your children and will be able to have more guilt-free pleasant moments with your family. Schedule:

  • Webinar in Russian: November 18 @ 6 pm PST

  • Webinar in English: November 24 @ 6 pm

The registration will close 2 hours before the webinar.

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