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Psychotherapy VS Medication: what is better for mood disorders treatment?

Please see the facts based on studies by Canadian Psychological Association study & World Health Organization:

1.Psychotherapy is as effective as medication in treating mood disorders and is more effective than medication in preventing relapse.

2.The combination of psychotherapy and medication will be more beneficial than either treatment on its own.

3.Contrary to popular belief, it works at least as well (if not better) for patients with severe symptoms as it does for those experiencing milder forms of depression.

4.All forms of psychotherapy (i.e., various types of CBT, IPT, short-term psychodynamic therapy, and non-directive supportive therapy) were found to be superior to the outcomes achieved by the control group (with no psychotherapy).

5.Interpersonal therapy (IPT) and Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) showed efficacy in the treatment of different mood disorders in many controlled studies.

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