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Seven reasons why family counselling is beneficial for the depression treatment

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

1. A family therapist can identify a family member having depression at a time when this problem may go unnoticed. At this stage, it is important to help the family distinguish between mood disorders and provide helpful information and resources.

2. Some family rules and values ​​can affect the attitude of family members to a mental illness or seeking help. If a family member has prejudices or misconceptions, it can have a very strong impact on both the family dynamics and the condition of the person who is sick. With the help of a family counsellor, these myths and ideas can be studied together and, if necessary, corrected.

3. Sometimes the task of a family therapist is to talk about methods of treating depression, and how help from loved ones can be useful.

4. Depression is different for all people. It is helpful for family members to know how and what their loved one’s symptoms of depression manifest and what causes the most discomfort (weakness? lack of joy? anxiousness? irritability? problems concentrating? feelings of guilt? anxiety? suicidal thoughts? the contradiction between “everything is well, why I feel bad?”, and so on).

5. Depression can be the result of a difficult life event that happened inside or outside the family. In both cases, loved ones can be a source of support on the path to recovery. Sometimes, to improve your well-being, you need to talk about relationships or learn the skills to discuss conflict topics more constructively. Sometimes a change in patterns of family interactions is necessary in order for depression to pass or become weaker.

6. A person who is sick with depression sometimes needs help in organizing the simplest things. Together with family members, you can discuss how you can improve your daily routine, physical activity, sleep.

7. A family counsellor can also be the one who helps not to give up and believes that gradually the quality of life of the whole family will be improved.

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