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Tools and techniques in counselling practice: Genogram

A genogram is a graphic representation of a family tree commonly used in counselling for families and individuals. It provides valuable information and illustrates emotional relationships among family members.

Overall, a genogram helps map critical elements, such as names, gender, age of family members, and add relevant information - education, occupation, major life events, physical and mental health conditions, immigration, religion, and other personal circumstances.

Genograms can help identify family history patterns that may have influenced the client’s current emotions and behaviours. Sometimes, collecting data and mapping it out can clarify things that were previously unnoticed or missed.

A genogram allows gentle assessment of repeated patterns across generations - divorces, miscarriages, abuse, alcoholism or other challenges. It could be beneficial to explore genograms in order to understand and become aware of a family’s past; analyze its strengths and potential sources of support.

Please feel free to download genogram symbols from this page -

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