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Five Love Languages Chart

The "Five Love Languages" is a well-known theory developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. The model is easily accessible, and, at the same time, it can have a very profound positive impact on family relationships.

The exploration and improvement can take place in seven simple steps:

1. Explore the five most common "love languages" that different people use to express love and perceive as signs of love.

2. Discover your primary love language - understand your needs and emotional responses

3. Find out what are the primary love languages of your family members

4. Adjust your communication to connect on a deeper level, avoid conflicts and be closer

5. Practice all five love languages on a daily basis

6. Notice when and how your partner is expressing love and care towards you

7. Discuss your experiences and enjoy all love languages!

Based on this model, we developed a helpful tool for couples to improve closeness and intimacy in their relationships.

You can download the chart (available both in English and in Russian) and track how often you express care and love towards your partner and which love languages you use every day -

You can also utilize the chart to keep track of all moments when your partner expressed love and care towards you.

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