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The key elements of fulfilling and meaningful long-term relationships

The relationship has a unique past, present, and future. A functional and supportive couple can discuss past events (including ups and downs), manage present issues and stresses, and share hopes, aspirations, dreams about the future.

Let's explore the key elements of fulfilling and meaningful long-term relationships:

  1. A stable relationship has a foundation of mutual commitment and trust. It is very important to feel that “my partner has my back and is there for me”.

  2. Happy couples describe their partners as friends. They feel connection, intimacy, and care. They have the time they share, and they express interest in each other's life.

  3. Strong couples’ relationships include affection and respect. Partners are expressing admiration, complement each other, share thoughts and concerns.

  4. Small things matter. The roadblocks of a relationship start in a daily routine communication – e.g. noticing non-verbal expressions, accepting influence, gently approaching each other.

  5. Every couple faces challenges. Successful couples can have a constructive dialog, state their needs, share dreams, and take a positive approach to problem-solving.

  6. Conflicts are a normal part of life, but there is a difference in how you handle them. It is highly important to learn how to deal with the solvable issue and how to address perpetual problems.

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