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Who can benefit from Gottman's Method Couple Therapy?

What is the Gottman Method?

The Gottman Method is an approach to couples’ therapy that includes a thorough assessment of the couple’s relationship and integrates research-based interventions based on the Sound Relationship House Theory.

The goals of Gottman Method Couples Therapy are to:

· increase intimacy, respect, empathy, and affection;

· remove barriers that create a feeling of being stuck in conflicting situations;

· decrease the level of tension and conflict;

· create a sense of deeper understanding within the context of the relationship.

If you want to learn more about this method -

Who can benefit from Gottman's Method Couple Therapy?

1. Partners that find themselves stuck in arguments and frequent conflict.

2. Couples that have lost the sense of connection (and maybe already consider separation).

3. People who feel that there is a lack of warmth, trust, care, and respect in the relationship with the loved ones.

4. Couples with sexual difficulties.

5. Families, where parenting became a priority, but the satisfaction in the marital part was lost.

6. Couples hurt by infidelity, money issues, immigration, grief, and loss.

The Gottman Method is designed to support couples across all economic, racial, sexual orientation, and cultural sectors.

Here is the Gottman's method video that describes the easiest way to the relationship

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